Hi Everyone – it’s Tim here!

I can’t come to visit preschools or playcentre like I normally would. So – I’ve recorded some of my Bible stories and songs for you to watch and enjoy at home!

Don’t forget – God made us, knows us and loves us, and sent his son Jesus so we can be friends with him! Wow! We are never too little to be God’s friend!

Stay safe & God bless!


Note for parents:

Since the videos are being delivered by Youtube, advertising or other suggested videos may appear during or at the end of the video. So keep an eye on things! You can make the video full screen with the little [ ] icon in the bottom right corner of the video.

Our weekly Sunday School for ages 3+ still meets every Sunday during our 10:30am Church Service ON ZOOM! We play games, sing songs, and hear from the Bible about our Great Big God. Everyone is welcome! Contact to Tim for more info :)

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