This season of COVID-19 has meant many different things for different people; but I think we can all agree that there is one thing we have all had to come to terms with: adapting.

We have all had to adapt the way we usually do things so that we can still do what we need to do – whether that be getting our work done, keeping in touch with friends or family, being part of the church community or engaging with the things that are important to us in our leisure time.

Elisabeth Carter has been reflecting on some aspects of this adapting process and has written a number of helpful articles in recent weeks, one of which is about our very own Polly Butterworth and her work in School Chaplaincy.

These are great articles to read if you are interested in youth and women’s issues and ministry in particular; however, with the weeks and months ahead likely to keep demanding adaptation from us all, I think they are useful and encouraging articles for anyone to read.

Here they are:

Not the year I’d planned: New Deacon Rev. Polly Butterworth helps retool school chaplaincy for COVID19 published on the Anglican Deaconess Ministries website.

How to encourage a friend when you can’t see them in person published on the fervr website (a Christian youth website originally created by Youthworks that publishes daily articles, reviews and video content for teens).