Jesus the Game Changer, mission and legacy: a family connection

Serena Shai-Hee (Cheung) of our morning congregation has a wonderful personal family connection to the missionary work in China that we heard about during Week 5 of the Jesus the Game Changer series.

Serena writes:

In Canton in the late 1800s, my great-grandfather [The Reverend LEE James Moy Ling, pictured] had the chance to learn English from missionaries, which

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Creativity and the Christian – by Laura Tharion

Easter eggs smell of balmy autumns, when the cool begins to dilute summer causing a brief and luscious climate fitting for the comfort of both T-shirts and ugg boots—a time to relish embracing a hot cup of tea while basking in an afternoon sunbeam, yet also embark on all the bushwalks unthinkable in the bite

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